My name is Erik Jourgensen and I am a music composer based in Pasadena, CA. I write original music and score audio dramas and podcasts. In 2020, I have written music for Heroics, Arden, Atlantis, The Original, and several forthcoming shows. 

I studied literature and music at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo from 2006 - 2011. While in college, I played in bands, and dj'd and volunteered as music director at my college radio station (KCPR 91.3). A music course involved writing for live theater, where my interest in scoring began.

After graduating, I began work as a composer's assistant to TomandAndy (Natural Born Killers, JFK, Resident Evil films). Under their guidance, I have written additional music on films such as 47 Meters Down, The Silence (Netflix), The Monster (A24), Haunt (directed by A Quiet Place writers), and The Infiltrators (multi award-winner at Sundance 2019). 

In 2020 I released the EP Total. Along with various scores, I am working on my next LP. 

I can be reached at erikjourgensen@gmail.com