My name is Erik Jourgensen and I am a music composer living in Los Angeles, CA. Lately, I've been focused on counterpoint, designing patches on synthesizers, orchestrating for live players, and teaching myself new synthesizers and recording equipment. 

For the past five years I have released my original music as well as written music for films such as The Infiltrators (multiple award-winner at Sundance 2019) and 47 Meters Down (Additional music for TomandAndy), video games such as Tron Run/R (Disney Interactive) and Doki Doki Universe (Humanature Studios), trailers for Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond (Netflix) and Best F(r)iends (Tommy Wiseau - director of The Room), and podcasts such as EOS10 (Justin McLachlan) and Strictly Business (Stitcher). My score for the podcast Red Rhino was nominated for a 2018 Audio Verse Award for best score. 

I can be reached at erikjourgensen@gmail.com