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My name is Erik Jourgensen and I am a music composer and sound designer living in Los Angeles, CA. I have experimented with sound for twenty years, and the greatest joy of of my work is designing timbres from scratch using various software and hardware tools in my studio. 

My professional career started in 2015 as an assistant to music composers TomandAndy. While working for them, I landed a job as a sound designer and re-recording mixer at White Light Audio. Both of these experiences were essentially the equivalent of master's degrees in music and sound, and I owe my continued success to those people who gave me an opportunity to learn and be able to pay my bills.  

Since then, I have worked with clients such as A24, Mainframe Media, Goldhawk, LA Metro, Disney Interactive, and many independent creators. My music has been featured in Pitchfork, the Bay Bridged, Impose Magazine, and more. I primarily work in audio drama (fictional podcasts), and I also continue to work in films and video games.  I can be reached at

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